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Industrial cleaning entails a different strategy than routine office cleaning. An industrial environment creates a challenge of dirt, grease and grime that even the most seasoned of industrial janitorial services has a difficult time conquering. With new manufacturing processes and different materials being created each year, industrial cleaning is becoming a highly skilled field. Where there are machines that require molding, crafting and cutting, there is going to be some tough residue that is going to take heavy-duty cleaning and the know how of what products and procedures work.

An industrial janitorial service does not have to be a chemist in order to cut dirt and grime but understanding how chemicals react to certain materials is critical. What chemical works on removing built-up grease on steel plated work surfaces may peel the paint off of finished concrete floors. Understanding what chemicals such as caustic soda and different alkalis react to takes training and skill.

Safety for employees of industrial janitorial services and also the employees of clients is the number one priority of any cleaning team that is trusted with the task of an industrial cleanup. Even simple procedures like cleaning restrooms will sometimes take special chemicals to remove grease or acid residue. Safety meetings are a large part of any industrial cleaning company to protect the health and welfare of employees and to learn and treat cleaning materials with respect. Protective clothing may be necessary and knowing how to care for and wear is another area that is covered in safety meetings.

Many times large floor machines are needed to sufficiently scrub, strip and wax floors. This equipment can weight several hundred pounds and is designed to penetrate surfaces by spinning. Only the most skilled machine operators can handle floor machines that can get out of control if great care is not taken.  A floor person should never be left alone with a machine that can do harm. Hand scrubbers, propane operated scrapers or light maintenance with power tools are other areas where certification may be required.

Teamwork with a dedicated group and a supervisor can make the job work smarter and save time. When everyone is assigned a specific area and job duties, there is less stress and more concentration on the chore at hand. A good team will also learn to watch out for co-workers around dangerous machines and elements. By working together for the same goal, work becomes less of a chore and more of a priority. The employees of a top rated industrial janitorial service will share these traits.

These are just a few of the requirements that good industrial janitorial services will expect from their employees. When properly trained in chemicals, safety, teamwork and earning certificates for specialized work like floor machines, the crew will make each assignment look easy. By having a dedicated, skilled workforce, the proper materials and equipment and a proud desire to do the best job possible, it will not take long for an industrial janitorial service to have more work than they can handle.

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