Janitorial Service

McCullough Maintenance is a professional janitorial service with over three decades of experience working with a variety of businesses in different industries. We have worked for clients of all sizes, from the Mom-and-Pop neighborhood store to major corporations. Because we know that the needs of each business are unique, we create a tailored cleaning and maintenance plan based on what each customer wants.

What Makes McCullough Maintenance a Leading Janitorial Service?

McCullough Maintenance stands out from the competition because of our reputation. Talk to any of our clients and you’ll quickly see we focus on customer satisfaction. Our teams take pride in the work they do and on exceeding customer expectations.

Because we hire all of our crew in-house rather than contracting out the work, we retain more control over the work they do. We ensure every new employee is trained on our standards, and we keep current employees updated on any changes in the industry or with cleaning products or services. We also supervise every employee to ensure they provide the highest quality of work for every client. Each team has a supervisor who takes responsibility for the results of the job to ensure nothing is overlooked.

As a professional janitorial services company, McCullough Maintenance provides our teams with the right supplies and equipment to ensure they can do the job right. We train them to use any special equipment such as floor strippers and carpet cleaners while also providing non-toxic cleaning solutions to protect the environment and the people.

Because McCullough Maintenance creates a custom cleaning plan for each business, we help save you money. Instead of paying for services you don’t need in a traditional plan, you only pay for the work we do. We look at your facility and determine your needs and how it fits in your budget to create a plan that works for you.

If you want the best janitorial service in Westchester County with a longstanding reputation of over three decades, contact McCullough Maintenance today.

  • Our Reputation

    With over three decades in the maintenance and cleaning business, you can count on McCullough Maintenance

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    We promise to complete every job to the specifications of our client or to meet industry standards and ensure a safe

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    McCullough Maintenance is a commercial cleaning company with a solid reputation in Westchester County.