Professional Facility Cleaning Maintenance

Have higher energy costs and higher production costs got your profits down? Is your business being forced to cut back on certain services?

If your company is experiencing similar challenges, you may want to call us right away. We have been very successful in providing Westchester businesses lower cost cleaning services. For over 20 years we have been able to reduce maintenance and cleaning costs by combining overlapping services that cost you every month.

I would like to introduce you to “One-Source Maintenance.” We would like to give your organization an opportunity to experience what other Westchester companies have known for over 20 years…A cleaning service that is reliable, dependable and cost effective.

Mccullough Cleaning Service, Inc. uses state-of-the-art equipment and qualified, conscientious employees, We are proud to say there is no task too large or small for Mccullough Cleaning Service to accomplish. I would like your organization to experience the reliable and quality care that other businesses and organizations have grown to expect from Mccullough Cleaning Service. I am confident that once you discover our cost-saving prices and quality service, you will want to make Mccullough Cleaning Service “Your Complete Maintenance Care Company.”

Mccullough Cleaning Service provides various service specialties performed by a quality staff. Mccullough Cleaning will provide your staff with a clean and comfortable work environment. We provide professional cleaning with a personal touch.
George Mccullough

  • Our Reputation

    Our Reputation is staked on our name - McCullough Maintenance. Unlike franchised cleaning companies, everything

  • Our Promise

    Our Promise is just as important as our name. After all, what good is a name and reputation if you don't keep your promise?

  • Our Guarantee

    Our guarantee is just as important as the McCullough name. We stake our reputation on our name.