Commercial & Residential Landscaping

Beautiful surroundings not only add to the aesthetic value of your property but also produce a calming effect on the mind. Landscaping, whether its residential landscaping or commercial landscaping, is an art that can change or rather enhance your surroundings. However, it requires a lot of hard work, patience and skill. In fact, it demands the combined efforts of landscape architects and horticulturists to bring out the true beauty of the place. A lot of planning goes into landscaping, right from designing and installing hardscapes like water features, retaining walls, pathways, patios to softscapes like planting trees and plants and of course, grass.

All this further depends on proper irrigation and regular care. A lovely garden space can be very soothing and one remembers the happy times spent in a garden for the rest of ones life. McCullough Maintenance Company is your answer to all lawn maintenance needs. Among the services offered are planning and planting of trees, shrubs and grass according to the area and soil. But that is not enough.

A lot of care is needed to keep your garden immaculate and green. Their residential landscaping services include trenching of planting beds, pruning of trees and hedges, control and eradication of weeds, seasonal plantings to add a bit of color and their maintenance, monitoring of irrigation system and so on. In addition to this they keep your garden free of pests, make sure that no plants are diseased and maintain their health with the use of fertilizers keeping environmental concerns in mind. Several things have to be taken into consideration in lawn maintenance such as the climate, rainfall, soil and terrain of the area.

Commercial landscaping may require the same set of skills as residential landscaping and maintenance, however, the orientation is definitely different. Here landscaping is more oriented towards making an impact on visitors in addition to providing enjoyable surroundings for employees. Further a well maintained surrounding always adds to the value of the property. The McCullough Maintenance Company has the experience and the competence to handle commercial landscaping maintenance to the satisfaction of their clients while keeping in mind security concerns at commercial places. It offers routine maintenance services of pruning trees and shrubs, protecting plants from disease, enhancing healthy growth through the use of fertilizers, controlling pests and rodents, eliminating weeds that spoil the overall beauty of the place, maintaining proper irrigation facilities and so on.

In addition to this, should the client want a makeover of the landscape, it can be easily redesigned to suit their aesthetic taste. Seasonal plantings are a great way to brighten up any open space and is frequently used in landscaping to add variety and color. One can be sure that all plantings would be kept healthy and green with adequate care. Often the most demanding aspects in maintenance is keeping the lush grass green and free of weeds.

One can be certain of professional and skilled care by trained horticulturists of your residential and commercial landscaping with McCullough Maintenance Company.

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