Residential Cleaning imageWhy It is Important to Hire McCullough Maintenance Green Cleaning Service in Westchester County NY for your Residential Cleaning needs?

Westchester County is a very busy community and residents tend to be very busy as well and tend to neglect a majority of maintenance and cleaning chores necessary to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Most of the time home owners reach for off-the-shelf cleaning products that are hazardous to their environment as well as the community. You may be too busy to keep your home as spotless as you really wish let alone keep it safe. But as everyone is aware that the health of their family and pets desperately depend on the cleanliness and the safety of the cleaning chemicals they use. Getting rid of viruses, allergens, dust and keeping your home sparkling clean is what McCullough Maintenance of Westchester has been doing since 1985.

No one wants an unclean and unhealthy home and no one will tolerate it if they were aware of it. We therefore spend the time to help you pinpoint those areas that need attention and focus. We only use environmentally friendly products and our service is based on standard procedures which follows state and federal guidelines for maintaining a healthy living environment. These types of services have become known as green cleaning services. McCullough Maintenance only uses green products.

As the demand for green residential cleaning increases in Westchester County, more and more companies are claiming to be “green-friendly”. Some companies offering such a service might not directly mention that their services are environment friendly, however the local homeowners themselves should make sure that they request only green cleaning services and read the labels. McCullough Maintenance is 100% green and we even make sure that our clean and green environment also includes biodegradable varieties of reusable bags.

A major element in cleaning your home may be the water used. Combating water waste and preserving water is one of the first things that we consider. Even when proceeding with the cleaning process, a good green cleaning service provider will also consider what is being flushed or drained into the local water supply.

We even save energy when using a vacuum cleaner by moving most of the items prior to starting the vacuum in order not to waste energy. Also, the sucking capability of a vacuum cleaner can be affected if the cleaner bag is somewhat full, we make sure that the bag is constantly clean so that the vacuum cleaner can suck dirt and debris better and use less energy.

When it comes to residential cleaning, other residential cleaning companies end up harming the homeowners and the environment by using cheap chemical products. Homeowners are generally not aware of the adverse aftereffects these brand-x chemicals can have on their health and the environment. Hiring any typical residential cleaning company can cause homeowners long-term health issues down the road. Homeowners who are committed to their family’s health and the environment as well should choose McCullough Maintenance when considering a good green cleaning company.

McCullough Maintenance Service ensures the safety of the people and the pets in your home. McCullough Maintenance only uses biodegradable, nonflammable and nontoxic cleaning products. McCullough Maintenance Service not only provides Westchester County residents green cleaning services, but also has an extensive menu just for the business sector. McCullough Maintenance makes sure that their service is environment friendly and therefore they have taken a green route towards providing homeowners and businesses in Westchester County NY to keep their lives safe and clean.