4 Ways To Get A Jump On Spring

Doesn’t this seem like the winter that will never end? Snow Days in April… just when you’re itching to use the shovel for planting instead of snow. As this extended winter bleeds into spring, many homeowners are upset that they have had to put spring gardening plans on hold. With snow still rolling through the Mid-West and Eastern parts of the country, you may think the tasks of soil management and yard work are still weeks away. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of landscaping and gardening procedures that you can get a jump on in the late winter/early spring. Below are a few of the tasks that will allow you to begin preparing your yard now, rather than waiting for spring to actually catch up with the calendar.


To begin your yard preparations now, it is never too early to weed. Even during the misery of winter weeds can pepper into the garden. If you start removing them now, you are much more likely to get them root and all. If you just spend half an hour, out there in your yard a couple of times a week you might not have to use weed killer in summer. Look over your shrubs, the winter chill may have been too much for them. If you take them out now, you not only have more space for new planting, but you can get first pick of the new plants when they hit your home improvement store. Let’s be honest it’s a pain, but somebody has to do it. Of course, if you’d rather someone else did it, you should consider hiring a professional lawn maintenance service, like McCullough Maintenance who can do it better and cheaper than doing it yourself.

If you have a compost heap, to avoid the weeds resprouting in the future, push the pulled weeds deep into your compost pile. The warmth several inches below the surface will kill the seeds, preventing any comeback when you begin your gardening in earnest.

Soil Prep

Whether you plan on adding new shrubs, grass, or a vegetable garden this year, prepping your soil early will ensure young plant health. Spread organic material to get the soil steeped in nutrients now. A great method is to plant durable early crops like ryegrass. Ryegrass will cover the soil and keep it full of nutrients, while still being relatively easy to remove when you are ready to make your landscaping and gardening plans a reality. Take care not to compact the dirt too much though. Breathability must be preserved for healthy soil.

Prepare Your Lawn

The lawn may not be quite ready for first mowing of 2013, but the time is getting nearer. The lawn can pretty sad after winter, so you can rake up any debris such as rotting leaves or thatch. This is a good idea because if you do add fertilizer when spring finally arrives, it can do its job rather than sitting on old debris. You can also give your lawn mower a quick once over to check it is working correctly.


Finally, it’s never too early (or late) to plan your drainage. A sufficient drainage system will make sure that your plants always have the optimal amount of water; no more, no less. If you already have a drainage system set up, begin your spring cleaning by clearing it of broken branches, leftover leaves, and all of the other winter debris and trash that has accumulated. For additional benefit, adding any organic material you find to your compost heap will be a firm addition that should give a needed jolt of carbon in the early spring.

If drainage isn’t installed yet, now may be the best time possible to put in a garden or yard drainage system. Such systems will fit in easily with a landscape design, and installation during the spring will be easier if you hire a professional landscaping company for the job. Typically they are far too busy in the summer to work around your schedule.

If you take the right steps now, your garden or yard will be completely ready to go for the spring planting season. Build soil quality, get a head start on weeds, and prepare your drainage system today, you’ll see the results later on.

If you are thinking of more advanced landscaping tasks such as driveways, patio areas and fencing now is the time to start speaking to local, reputable landscaping contractors to obtain quotations and their garden design input should you need it. They should be fully insured and have good testimonials. It may seem a like it’s too early to consider, but they are probably already filling the slots in their schedule for 2013. Obtain at least 3 quotations and don’t be afraid to ask questions and add your own design ideas.

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