What We Do

McCullough Maintenance has been serving Westchester County for more than 30 years as a complete janitorial and maintenance services provider. Our goal is to care for your facility through regular cleaning and preventative maintenance as well as making repairs before they become major issues. We offer our services to businesses in all industries, including schools, churches, daycare centers, office buildings, retail stores and other commercial and industrial entities.

We offer a variety of services, including the following:

Regular janitorial services
Office cleaning
Building maintenance
Electrical repairs
Boiler room maintenance
Demolition and renovation cleanup
Snow plowing

Why hire a janitorial company, a maintenance company and a snow plowing business when you can get it all done with McCullough Maintenance?

Quality Cleaning

Every business must maintain a professional image to appeal to customers and clients. McCullough Maintenance understands that first impressions count for companies in all industries. We strive to help you create a powerful image for your business by providing high-quality cleaning and janitorial services.

From the reception and welcome area to the bathrooms and break rooms, we provide a complete cleaning service for your business. We also use green cleaning methods so you can feel good about hiring a service that cares about our impact on the environment. Our toxin-free cleaning solutions and products provide a safe and clean place for your employees and customers.

In addition, we create a task list for every client for quality control so we ensure that the end result exceeds your expectations. By using a task list, our team makes sure that your office or facility looks good every time we leave.

Affordable Quality Supplies

McCullough Maintenance takes care of ordering cleaning and maintenance supplies such as toilet paper and paper towels. Because we have a regular supplier that we use, we can get the best pricing. This saves you time and money and ensures we have everything we need when we come to your facility. We make it cost-efficient for you to let us handle the ordering.


Maintaining a building is a costly and time-consuming task. McCullough Maintenance takes the worry away by providing routine maintenance and repairs when necessary. Preventative maintenance is an important part of building upkeep. We monitor your building for signs of damage or potential issues. We also provide regular maintenance such as window cleaning, stripping floors and carpet cleaning to ensure your business always looks its best.

The Exterior

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and McCullough Maintenance works hard to ensure your business looks good from the first glance. We provide landscaping services to create a warm welcome to your clients and customers. We also maintain the exterior through cleaning, painting, lawn mowing and snow plowing so your company looks good in all seasons.

We learn your building inside and out so that we can prevent issues and repair any problems that arise at a cost that’s affordable for your budget. If you’re ready to work with a company that does it all, contact McCullough Maintenance today.

  • Our Reputation

    With over three decades in the maintenance and cleaning business, you can count on McCullough Maintenance

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    We promise to complete every job to the specifications of our client or to meet industry standards and ensure a safe

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    McCullough Maintenance is a commercial cleaning company with a solid reputation in Westchester County.